loretta and piglets

Diggin Dust Heritage Hogs is a responsible hog farm run by Dustin, and his dad Kevin, in Cope Colorado. The farm is dedicated to responsibly raising heritage hogs – pig breeds that can be traced back to times before industrialized farming, and are present in low to critical numbers.

Diggin Dust HH farm’s main goal is to breed and raise heritage hogs in such a was as to provide the hogs with a pasture-centric life, and a single-farm cycle. Our hogs are well cared for, with respect given to each animal.

Our first pig – Loretta – is an American Mulefoot, which is listed on the critical list. Less than 200 Mulefoots are registered each year. The Diggin Dust farm is determined to do our part to keep the breed alive and well, and will breed only registered hogs. We are currently breeding registered Mulefoots and also registered Berkshires. We are a Global Animal Partnership GAP Step 3 farm, as well as a 100% Pure Berkshire Pork Program farm. We are proud of the hard work and attention we give our animals.