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Ssshhhh… We Have A Little Secret…

We haven’t told very many people, but for the last week or so, we have been organizing and cleaning up the farm, preparing for a film crew to come out next week! We don’t have a lot of info, but our friends at Tender Belly asked us if we wanted to be in a segment about Colorado pig farming!

What we do know is that we are scheduled to have the film crew out here next week. We will release more information as we get it. We are thrilled that we will be able to show our farm to the viewing public, and show that there is a difference between the way we raise pigs and what is common in the industry.

More info soon!


New Piglets on the Farm!

New pigs on the farm! We had two mommas farrow in the past week, and one more any moment now. They are healthy and happy little piglets! These are the second litters from these mommas, and they are doing great with the babies.


IMG_0343 IMG_0312 IMG_0325