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Latest Weights – Growing Mulefoots

We sent the grower Mulefoots across the scale yesterday, and they did great. It usually takes a few times across the scale for them to figure it out, and for them to easily move across it. The issue we normally have when weighing is getting them to stand still to get a weight to read out. Once they are on it, they see their friends in the holding pen and want to go out with them! Usually they chill in a minute or so. Sometimes it takes a bit more patience.

All of these American Mulefoots are for sale! Please let us know if you are interested in reserving one for grow-out, or if you would like to pick one up today!

Here are their latest weights:

P1 – Thomas – Male – 145 Days Old – 140 lbs.
P2 – Mark – Male – 145 Days Old – 112 lbs.
LY 4-5 – Gilt – 134 Days Old – 119 lbs.
LY 4-2 – Gilt – 134 Days Old – 121 lbs.
LY 4-6 – Gilt – 134 Days Old – 80 lbs.
LY 4-3 – Gilt – 134 Days Old – 96 lbs.
LY 4-4 – Male – 134 Days Old – 116 lbs.
LY 4-1 – Male – 134 Days Old – 100 lbs.

IMG_0354 IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0357 IMG_0358 IMG_0359 IMG_0360 IMG_0361 IMG_0363

Ssshhhh… We Have A Little Secret…

We haven’t told very many people, but for the last week or so, we have been organizing and cleaning up the farm, preparing for a film crew to come out next week! We don’t have a lot of info, but our friends at Tender Belly asked us if we wanted to be in a segment about Colorado pig farming!

What we do know is that we are scheduled to have the film crew out here next week. We will release more information as we get it. We are thrilled that we will be able to show our farm to the viewing public, and show that there is a difference between the way we raise pigs and what is common in the industry.

More info soon!


Making The Old New Again

One of the joys of being farmers is trying to make the old new again. It would be nice to be able to always buy new things for our farm, but that isn’t really possible.

Our farm itself is an old thing. It was built in the ’30s or ’40s, and Dust and I renovated it after it sat dormant for almost 30 years. There were weeds up to our shoulders, water that hadn’t been turned on for decades, pens that hadn’t been used for years. It took a lot of work, and still does every day. But using things from the past, and making them work for the present, is rewarding.

Our latest project was to revitalize an old feeder we picked up for free! We put it into service for a while, but it needed some love after a few months of use. We pulled it out of one of the pens – which didn’t make the pigs real happy. But, a few hours, and it was back in action.  A little banging, some cutting, and a lot of cleaning later, it was back in the pen. The Mulefoots welcomed it back oinkingly!



Welcome to Diggin Dust Heritage Hogs!


 Diggin Dust Heritage Hogs is a small hog farm dedicated to raising happy and healthy heritage hogs. We are located in Cope, Colorado, and are dedicated to the principal of responsible farming. Our pigs enjoy the open air, a large pasture to graze and play in, and garner our full respect.

We raise registered Mulefoot hogs – the rarest swine breed in America, and registered Berkshires. We are a Global Animal Partnership GAP 3 farm, as well as a 100% Berkshire Farm. We appreciate our certifications, but still put all of our effort on raising our pigs as well as we possibly can. They are fed an all natural, vegetarian diet, sources from local eastern plains farms. We feel our attention to our pigs results in high-quality pork products.

We sell our pigs to a national health-food chain, as well as a local, high-quality pork distributor. We also sell our pigs to breeders, as well as local farmers, and Colorado neighbors that appreciate our efforts to raise the highest quality pork possible.