Handsome Mulefoot Boars Seeking Long Term Relationship

A little about us: we are two registered Mulefoot boars, born on 09/17/2014. We have lived the good life here on the Diggin Dust Heritage Hog farm. We have lots of room to wander around, eat a very high-quality diet of locally produced feed, and enjoy gnawing on plants and lounging in mud.

What we are looking for: we have enjoyed our time at DDHH, but it is time for us to hook up with a female or two. Sow (experienced lady looking to teach us first-timers) or gilt (a little clumsy, like ourselves, but we will figure it out), we are not particular. We would pair up well with another registered Mulefoot, and continue to grow our kind, or we would be equally happy with another flavor. We have seen some pen-neighbors – a Mulefoot boar and a Berkshire sow – do their thing and their offspring were beautiful!

Do we sound interesting? Let’s hook up! We are located in the eastern plains of Colorado, in Cope. We can send more pictures if you can’t see enough of our handsome selves here!


IMG_0335 IMG_0336