One of the joys of being farmers is trying to make the old new again. It would be nice to be able to always buy new things for our farm, but that isn’t really possible.

Our farm itself is an old thing. It was built in the ’30s or ’40s, and Dust and I renovated it after it sat dormant for almost 30 years. There were weeds up to our shoulders, water that hadn’t been turned on for decades, pens that hadn’t been used for years. It took a lot of work, and still does every day. But using things from the past, and making them work for the present, is rewarding.

Our latest project was to revitalize an old feeder we picked up for free! We put it into service for a while, but it needed some love after a few months of use. We pulled it out of one of the pens – which didn’t make the pigs real happy. But, a few hours, and it was back in action.  A little banging, some cutting, and a lot of cleaning later, it was back in the pen. The Mulefoots welcomed it back oinkingly!