Diggin Dust Heritage Hogs is a small hog farm dedicated to raising happy and healthy heritage hogs. We are located in Cope, Colorado, and are dedicated to the principal of responsible farming. Our pigs enjoy the open air, a large pasture to graze and play in, and garner our full respect.

We raise registered Mulefoot hogs – the rarest swine breed in America, and registered Berkshires. We are a Global Animal Partnership GAP 3 farm, as well as a 100% Berkshire Farm. We appreciate our certifications, but still put all of our effort on raising our pigs as well as we possibly can. They are fed an all natural, vegetarian diet, sources from local eastern plains farms. We feel our attention to our pigs results in high-quality pork products.

We sell our pigs to a national health-food chain, as well as a local, high-quality pork distributor. We also sell our pigs to breeders, as well as local farmers, and Colorado neighbors that appreciate our efforts to raise the highest quality pork possible.